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Product: Easy Ghost Sofa
Model: HT-939c
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Furniture name: Easy Ghost Sofa
Item code: HT-939c

History: The sofa Ghost is designed by Eero Koivisto and is an easily applied piece of furniture thanks to the cubist outer line

1) Rooms are in general squares and therefore a sofas and easy chairs, which are in fact rather big object, home and office most often looks the best if it also has a cubist expression.
2) Ghost sofa combines a modern faceted inner form with a classic exterior, which makes it easily applied in the most varied environments.
3) Ghost sofa is available as a sofa and an easy chair and is designed to function both in a home and in the public room.
4)“I am both interested and amused by the Stealth esthetics, the form which is generated when planes are placed together and when a computer transforms the curves to facets. I wanted to see what result I could create by combining a cubist volume with a more faceted inside. A sofa partly designed with the computer generated technique”, says Koivisto.
5) This sofa can be matched in a ghost chair and ghost loveseat, the color can be changed as per customer special request.

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