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Product: Easy Ghost chair
Model: HT-939a
The easy chair Ghost is a model set for the office room or home living room
Furniture name: Easy Ghost chair
Item code: HT-939a

History: The easy chair Ghost is designed by Eero Koivisto and is an easily applied piece of furniture thanks to the cubist outer line.

1) Rooms are in general squares and therefore a sofas and easy chairs, which are in fact rather big object, most often looks the best if it also has a cubist expression.
2) Ghost chair combines a modern faceted inner form with a classic exterior, which makes it easily applied in the most varied environments.
3) Ghost is available as a sofa and an easy chair and is designed to function both in a home and in the public room.
4)“I am both interested and amused by the Stealth esthetics, the form which is generated when planes are placed together and when a computer transforms the curves to facets. I wanted to see what result I could create by combining a cubist volume with a more faceted inside. A sofa partly designed with the computer generated technique”, says Koivisto.
“Stealth is often the name given to the military design which aims at avoiding discovery by radar. It is distinguished by a consistent usage of facets in the form. A technique that makes objects invisible. Like a Ghost.”, says Koivisto.
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