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   Egg Chairs
Product: Eero Aarnio Egg Eye Pod Chair
Model: HT-A169
1) Oval egg shaped chair in unique novelty design
2) Soft cushion and fabric or leather inside for choice
3) Outside shell is finished in fiberglass
4) Matching white stable base
5) Experienced artisan craftsmanship

Product name: Eero Aarnio Egg Eye Pod Chair, Egg Ball Chair, Leisure Chair

Item code: HT-A169


Designed by Eero Aarnio

The Aarnio Egg chair is a variation for it's ball shaped pod chair. As it is sleeker and not so wide, it is a better choice for those with not so much room!
This amazing, classic & fashionable designer piece is a centre of attention for any living space not to mention being a comfortable sitting option! The egg shape pad chair dominates any room and will provide you with quite a talking point for visiting guests!
The design and subsequent prototypes were two years in the making and finally reached production in 1966. The chair's base is constructed from tough aluminum with the body molded perfectly from reinforced fibreglass. The chair comes with a dual track easy swivel system for ease of turning and the base and body can easily be taken apart for simple moving. The item is made from heavy duty quality materials, the design is clever that although this is the large ball pod chair, access through normal sized doorways is straightforward making this an option for any home and living space.

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