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   Relax Chair
Product: Eileen Gray Bibendum Chair
Model: HT-C626
1)PU or Leather covered with stainless steel frame
2)High density foam, UK or CA fire-proof is also available
3)Many colors are available for the Eileen Gray Bibendum chair
4)Big capacity, offers a leisure and comfortable seating
5)Professional manufacture experience and artisan craftsmanship

Product name: Eileen Gray Bibendum Chair, Bibendum Arm Chair, Modern Arm Chair, Leather Chair, Leisure Sofa Chair, Designer Chair
Item code:HT-C626


Designed by Eileen Gray in 1929

The Bibendum Chair was regarded as one of the 20th century's most recognizable furniture designs. The chair is very ideal for lounge and home for its back/arm rest consisting of two semi-circular, padded tubes encased in soft leather.

Designed for the room, The chair looked inviting and made you want to sit down in it. As the chair was designed for a trendy, modern, young woman, Eileen Gray wished to make it quite alternative and daring. Therefore, the Bibendum Chair was hardly like anything ever seen before and its originality was quite amazing at that time.

Material: PU or leather covered+ stainless steel frame+ high density foam inner

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