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Product: LC5 Le Corbusier Sofa Bed
Model: HT-876F
1) Stainless steel frame with high quality leather covered
2) High density foam inner, UK or CA fire-proof is also available
3) Color and upholstery can be changeable as per customer requirement
4) Professional manufacture experience and artisan craftsmanship

Product name: LC5 Le Corbusier Sofa Bed, Le Corbusier Sofa, LC5 Sofa Bed, Leather Sofa Day Bed

Item code: HT-876F


Designed by Le Corbusier in 1934

LC5 Le Corbusier Sofa Day Bed was originally designed to be a 3-seat sofa whose backrest pivots back to create a modern twin bed. Inspired by Le Corbusier's original LC5 furniture from Cassina, this interpretation stays true to the original in quality and form. The LC5 sofa is a great addition to a lounge section of the bedroom, living room or office and other commercial areas.

Material: PU, Chinese leather or Italian leather covered, stainless steel frame and high density foam inner, which ensure the long-term comfort and support.

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