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   Massage Chairs
Product: Massage_Chair
Model: HT-C704
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Produce name: Massage Chair, Recliner Leisure Chair
Item Code: HT-C704

1) Fashionable and elegant appearance
2) Mechanic hands move up and down
3) 4-wheel driver, silencing design, allow to enjoy massage peacefully
4) Multi-massage modes such as Shiatsu, kneading, tapping, kneading-tapping and vibration
5) Auto and manual controlled massage on upper body: whole process, specific area, points, three options are available
6) Each massage has multi-intensity adjustment available the width of massage is adjustable when tapping, shiatsu and tapping independently
7) Mechanic hands can move up and down focusing on the massage points when massage on specific points, quicker start and complete care
8) Air massage on lower body: built-in various air bags in various mode of air massage with adjustable intensity
9) Music with adjustable volume: up/next option for songs
10) Back, calf and sole section with auto extension function
11) Customize to various people
12) Mechanic hand reset in auto or manual way when stop working
13) Double-hand controlled design, VFD vacuum fluorescence displayer

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