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   Massage Chairs
Product: Massage_Chair
Model: HT-C705
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Produce name: Massage Chair, Recliner Leisure Chair
Item Code: HT-C705

1) With microcomputer inside and 22 kinds of free-select massage programme. 
2) With the massage functions of kneading, tapping, shiatsu, as professional as the massagist.
3) Each of armrest with unique massage function for relaxing the muscles by airbags.
4) Cushion of side pressure and wrapping massage of airbags.
5) Calf massage by multi-layers airbags with circulation pressure.
6) The feet with vibrating functions of stimulating the points, it can eliminate the tiredness.
7) 120-170 angle stepless speed-regulating for back, and 90 angle stepless speed regulating for foot stand.
8) The feet with comfortable airbag massage function, it can adjust the feetrest.
9) The heating function on the backrest are available for customer's option.
10) With DVD player, it can play DVD, VCD, CD and so on.
11) With MP3 player.

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Great stuff, you hepeld me out so much!
About Massage_Chair replies :
Thanks for your message!

Yes, this massage chair is one of our popular chairs, please contact with us for more details, you may send us an e-mail.


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