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   Relax Chair
Product: Supernatural Chair
Model: HT-E224
1)The seat back looks like bird's nest
2)Grey, white and yellow colors are available
3)Made from high quality PP material
4)Light weight and stackable
5)Ideal for dining room, café or restaurant usage
6)Chair name is Supernatural.

Product name: Supernatural Chair, Ross Lovegrove Supernatural Chair, Plastic Stackable Chair

Item code:HT-E224


Designed by Ross Lovegrove in 2005

Supernatural is an important innovation in technology while introducing a design product which offers excellent value for the money. Lovegrove suggests this chair represents a new vision of form, generated by digital data, resulting in a chair to be used every day, slender, lively and healthy. The liquid, organic nature of its form combines the beauty of the human anatomy with the most advanced process of industrialization of 21st-century polymers.

The Supernatural chair is available in grey, white and yellow, and other colors can be customized when you are in need of a large quantity. With the feature of stacking to save more space, this chair is ideal for dining room, cafe, or restaurant usage. Moreover, thanks to the special material used, the chair is fade resistant and suited for the outdoors.

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