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Product: Carl Hansen Loveseat
Model: HT-830B
This Carl Hansen Loveseat is one of popular sofa for Hans Wegner design in his lifetime.
Sofa name: Carl Hansen loveseat
Designer:  Hans Wegner in 1970
Sofa item code: HT-830B
Color:Black, white, red, brown, blue, etc.

Raw materials: The Hans wegner loveseat sofa is made of stainless steel frame and leather or fabric cushions. High quality solid wood and sponge is fed inside.
History of this two seater sofa: The distinguished character of the ch102 loveseat joins the series of sofas by Hans j. Wegner. It is a sumptuous two seat sofa that works well on its own, in groups, or with the CH100 series of sofas. The CH102 sofa embodies Wegner's ideology and spirit for simplicity coupled with Carl Hansen's reputation for quality manufacturing. Wegner, with his unique understanding of materials, created many designs each with its own personality yet in a consistent language. This is part of a series that Wegner designed in 1970, produced in very limited numbers during the 1970s.
Hans J. Wegner is one of the architects and designers who made Danish Design world famous. Wegner inscribes his name in the history of design first and foremost via a range of tables and chairs which are without predecessors in furniture design, yet stand in their own right as the most natural thing in the world, inevitable like new letters in the alphabet.
This two seater sofa series is completed by sofas & tables of various size options.


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